XTR Off-Road Products RZR 900 / 1000 Fuse Block Mount Panel

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XTR Off-Road Products RZR 900 / 1000 Fuse Block Mount Panel
Panel Only or With Fuse block and junction block.

RZR enthusiasts are adding more and more powered accessories to their rides than every before. This can lead to a problem as Polaris did not include a accessory fuse block that can be used to power additional accessories. With the introduction of the RZR 1000 and subsequent models Polaris included a front buss block. While this is a step in the right direction, it is still lacking. It still requires a large power wire to be ran from the battery to the buss block in order to use it how it should be used.

Here at XTR Off-Road we have taken the Polaris concept and advanced it one step farther and created our own fuse block system for the Polaris RZR 900 and XP 1000 platforms to provide the flexibility demanded by high end custom RZR's which utilize a vast array of powered add on accessories.

 Fits 2014-2016 RZR 900 / 1000

Our system currently comes in 2 different configurations.

  1. Pre-Drilled for a Blue Sea #5032 Fuse block and a 8 circuit terminal block. 
  2. Pre-Configured with a Blue Sea Systems #5032 12 circuit fuse block and a 8 position terminal block to connect your end devices. This plate also has mounting holes to mount up to 5 relays underneath the plate for a clean looking installation.  Comes powder coated black for a long lasting finish in harsh environments.


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