Axel Offroad Trail Helmet - Matte Black

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Axel Offroad Trail Helmet - Matte Black

High Impact ABS Shell, comfortable fit.

Protection is cool. Concussions, bleeding or worse scenarios are not. You are dedicated to Off Road. The AXEL Logo shows it. Make a helmet part of your standard equipment. Wear it at least when you know it´s going to get wild. Because unlike in Motocross you are more likely to get hit by your vehicle! Because either of your OE or custom fit Roll Bars – when you bounce, jump or flip over, yours and your passengers’ heads are in serious danger!
Construction: High Impact ABS Shell with soft and snug EVA liner. 17 vents, easy washable pre-molded interior pads, comfortable-fit design, chin-strap.

Sizing Chart

SIZE Circumference
XS 48-54 cm / 18.8–21.2 inch
S 54-56 cm / 21.2–22.0 inch 
M  56-58 cm / 22.0–22.8 inch
L  58-60 cm / 22.8–23.6 inch
XL 60-62 cm / 23.6–24.4 inch 
XXL 62-64 cm / 24.4–25.2 inch 

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